Policy Privacy

Data processing

Depending on how the application proceeds and due to the purpose of the application, all registered users will be associated with the event they join, and user data will only belong to that client until the user decides to leave it or join another event. At no time will the data of users of different clients be cross-checked as long as the user himself remains in the same event. 
In order to use the application, users must pre-register in which they will provide an e-mail address and a password, which must be at least 6 characters long.
Due to the mode of operation of the application as well as its purpose, only users with administrator permission will have access to the data of all users of that client.

data collected and processed to register as a user in the application

The minimum data required to register with CampApp is an email address and password of at least 6 digits in the event that you register via email, or sign in with Google if you prefer to use these services.
After registering you will be able to log in with your user and you will be able to complete your personal profile.
By completing the registration form and clicking on "Register" to submit the data, the user declares that he/she has read and expressly accepted the General Conditions of the CampApp Application and this Privacy Policy, and gives his/her unequivocal and express consent to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes set out below.
Users who have registered will receive an email to the specified email address. The completion of the sections of this form is voluntary, however, users who do not provide all the data requested will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the Application. By filling in the profile and clicking on "save", the user consents to CampApp's handling of the data provided in accordance with this privacy policy.
CampApp will process the personal information that users provide when completing registration forms for the following purposes:

  1. Enable correct operation of the application.

  2. Manage the accounts of users and inform them, among others, about the possible modifications of the application, the services, as well as the General and Particular Conditions that regulate them.

  3. Manage the delivery of services by CampApp, in particular to enable the operation of the application as defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

  4. Enable correct operation of the application.

The data collected is adequate, pertinent and not excessive to register and use the application.
All information collected through the application will be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and for the sole purpose of providing the services offered by the application itself. The only objective will be to offer a better service to all users.

Service Communications

CampApp will send users notification of changes to the application, new features introduced, or possible offers generated within the application itself.

Delete Account

Users can delete their account and unsubscribe as a user of the CampApp application at any time and for any reason without penalty. To unsubscribe, simply proceed to delete the account from the application settings in the following path: Settings -> Account -> Delete Account. 
After deletion all user data will be deleted from the server except for photos previously uploaded to events. 


The present privacy policy, as well as the rest of the general conditions of the application are governed in each and every one of its extremes by Spanish law.
Jky Development reserves the right to modify, update or revise this privacy policy.